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Executive Cars Derby Ltd would like to thank you for your recent business. We really appreciate your support and truly value you as a customer. Our goal is to meet your expectations on every occasion and provide the very best service.

We would love to hear your feedback and would be incredibly grateful if you could spare just a couple of minutes to leave a quick comment for us. This will allow us to improve our service and let others recognise the value we provide. To submit your review, simply click on one of the links below and let us know what you think. You can leave a review on our Freeindex UK business review page or on our Google listing.

Freeindex UK
The Freeindex UK Business Review website is our preferred method of getting reviewed as the more reviews we get the higher we are ranked in search engines, and as a bonus all the reviews appear on the front page of our website.

Visit our Freeindex UK review page by clicking the following unique link:

How to leave a business review on Freeindex UK
Click the ‘write review’ button and enter the text of your review and select the star ratings that you want to award to that business. Then enter your name, postcode and email address in the spaces provided, and check the box to indicate that you accept the Freeindex Terms of Use.

Click on the button marked “Post Review”.

* Now go to your own email account and look for the account activation email from Freeindex UK (Check your Junk or spam folder for that email if you can’t find it straight away). Click on the link contained in that email to activate your Freeindex UK account and publish your review on the site.

** If you do not activate your account with Freeindex your review will not be published. **

Please note that Freeindex UK ask you to register by providing name, email address, and postcode. This helps to ensure that reviews are genuine and also allows you to edit or remove your review in future if needed for any reason. Their terms and conditions explicitly state that you will not receive any spam and that your details will not be shared with anybody other than the business you are reviewing. You can close your Freeindex UK account whenever you wish.

Click on this link to go straight to our Google search query and add a review.,1,,,

How to leave a business review on Google
In order to leave a Google review, you must have a Google account. Most people who have a Google account use it for Gmail. Simply go to Google to access or create an account. When you click the link, it will take you to their main page if you’re not already signed in to your account. At the right hand corner of the main page, you’ll see a blue “Sign in” button. Once you click that, it will redirect you to a page…this is where you’ll either sign in to your Google account or create a new one. On Google, search the business you would like to review. The business you’re looking for should appear on the right side of the screen.

Write your Google review
As soon as you’ve found the correct business, scroll down and you’ll see the “Write a Review” button. To leave a Google review, simply click that button. Once you’ve done that a little pop-up box will appear. The pop-up box allows you to rate the business by placing a number of stars, comment about your experience and even add photos if you’d like. Once you’ve filled out the sections, hit “POST” and ta-da, you’re done! How easy is that?


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