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Drive Carbon Neutral With Shell Go+

Executive Cars Derby Ltd have teamed up with Shell to offset our carbon footprint and drive carbon neutral with Shell Go+

Do you ever wonder how you can reduce your carbon footprint? You’re not alone. 71% of people in the UK are concerned about their carbon footprint and want to take action. There are ways in which we can all help reduce the amount of carbon emissions we generate – by consuming fewer products or choosing products which have a lower carbon impact.

When it comes to driving we also have choices but most drivers cannot just switch to electric vehicles overnight. So, in the meantime, Shell is offering these drivers the opportunity to lower their carbon footprint and drive carbon neutral.

With Shell Go+ any fuel purchase made will automatically be offset by Shell on behalf of the customer.

When you drive an internal combustion engine car your vehicle produces carbon emissions. For Shell Go+ customers Shell will buy a carbon credit to offset or compensate for these emissions. One credit represents the avoidance or removal of 1 tonne of carbon from the atmosphere and these credits are sold to Shell by carefully chosen nature-based projects. To enable their customers to drive carbon neutral, Shell buy carbon credits from carbon offset schemes that invest in the protection and replanting of forests around the world in order to balance out the carbon emissions from the production, distribution and use of fuel. As forests, grasslands and wetlands store carbon from the atmosphere, protecting and replanting these environments means they can offset the carbon emissions from fuel purchases.

Shell has a portfolio of projects around the world it supports which help to protect and restore natural ecosystems like forests and rainforests. One conservation project is The Cordillera Azul National Park project, between the Andes and the Amazon basin in Peru, which includes 3.7 million hectares of forest, much of which is under threat. Another is Katingan Mentaya project in Indonesia, which not only reduces carbon emissions but protects and conserves biodiversity and enables the sustainable development of local communities.

As well as buying carbon offsets from projects around the globe, Shell has sourced some carbon credits from within the UK, including the Overkirkhope Project in the Scottish borders and the Longwood Project in Cumbria, both woodland creation projects verified to the UK Woodland Carbon Code. Shell will also be providing support to Forestry and Land Scotland. Shell is working with Forestry and Land Scotland to establish trees and this work will ultimately generate carbon credits.

We just scan our Shell Go+ rewards card or key fob when we purchase fuel and Shell will offset all of the emissions from the production and use of the fuel. You see, good things happen when you book with Executive Cars Derby Ltd.

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